Jaw-dropping science experiment everyone over age 65 needs to hear about…

Scientists Gave ½ Teaspoon “Genesis Cell”
Weapon Against Aging To 100-Year-Olds...

You Won’t Believe What Happened

IN THIS PRIVATE REPORT: Science experiment shows how 100-year-olds enhanced their cognitive function 25%... increased their mental energy... their physical energy... and gained more muscle. Additional research on another solution shows men and women achieving better cholesterol... better blood sugar… achieving HEALTHIER triglycerides… improved blood pressure… strengthening one element of short-term memory 57%...

Health Reporter: Imagine someone frail. Hair completely grey.

He sometimes shuffles his feet as he walks. Occasionally, when he tries to remember something, he furrows his brow, shakes his head, sighs… maybe thinking of his life decades ago, when he thought he’d be young forever…

But now imagine this old man gets a small pit of powder – barely even half a teaspoon. It’s not sugar or flour. It’s not like any powder he’s had before.

He mixes it with water and drinks it every day for 6 months…

…and something happens.

He realizes he can remember names and places more easily. Like something wiped away the fog from his mind…

Not only is his memory stronger, but he feels more mentally energized…

As if he were a student all over again.

He feels more energy in his body, too…

As if he just drank the world’s best coffee.

Tests confirm his body has more energy

And the powder?

A group of scientists gave it to him, as part of an experiment. And the experiment worked.

This may sound like the plot to a science fiction movie

…but improvements in memory and energy are the real results of a science experiment reported in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Yes, this teaspoon of “youth” powder exists

Scientists gave this compound to a group of volunteers and measured how much their cognitive function was enhanced – the average was 25%.
Mental energy rose...

And physical energy?

Also went up.

The volunteers in this science experiment weren’t young. They weren’t even middle-aged…

Not even close.

They weren’t in their 60s or 70s…

They weren’t in their 80s or 90s…

Are you ready for this?

The men and women in this science experiment… who increased their cognitive function and mental and physical energy… were all at least 100 years old.

Yes, these men and women were all at least 100 years old

…and they improved their cognitive function 25%... raised their mental energy... and felt more energized.

Makes you wonder, if this powder was able to work magic on people over 100…

…what could it do for you?

This is all possible because the special powder has been show in vitro studies to “enhance” stem cells, or what I call Genesis cells

Genesis cells are like no other cells in the human body. They have the special power to create brand-new cells. Because of this, scientists now understand they’re a key to feeling youthful…

And this powder may be a key to enhancing Genesis cells.

More and more evidence is showing how well it works. It’s effective enough to improve the cognitive function... mental energy... and physical energy of 100-year-olds.

(Actually, some more surprising things happened to their bodies, which will be revealed just 42 seconds from now.)

If you’re an American citizen over the age of 65 who’s frustrated with aging, aching, overworked joints… wondering about your heart health… or your occasional memory lapses…

…this breakthrough could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Just ask the 100-year-olds that improved their cognitive function, gained muscle mass, and ramped up their energy.

The most exciting part is, this experiment didn’t require any complicated procedures. The 100-year-olds didn’t need to radically change their lives.

Instead, they took about ½ a teaspoon of a special powder daily.

To show how you can take advantage of this breakthrough today, we’ve invited Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN, who has over two decades of clinical experience helping patients.

As a doctor of naprapathy, Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN is uniquely trained in conditions associated with connective tissue—like joint pain, migraines, neuropathy and muscle tension—but is also trained in diet, nutrition, and the use of food supplements to treat his patients holistically.

He's also now a published author with thousands of readers.

And now, here’s Dr. Dobrzynski, DN…

Hello, I’m Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN.

In just a moment, I’m going to show you exactly how 100-year-olds improved their cognitive function 25%... raised their mental energy... and felt more energized.

They even lost fat and added over 8 pounds of muscle mass!

It sounds too good to be true but these are real, scientifically-measured results.

Think about what you’re learning…

These men and women weren’t middle-aged adults…

They weren’t in their 70s (old enough to collect social security)…

They weren’t even in their 80s or 90s…

It’s true, 90-year-olds couldn’t take part in this experiment because they were too young.

These were 100-year-olds.

ALL of them were born before the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression that hit America…

People walking

…yet, thanks to this powder, they defied common wisdom and improved their brains and their bodies.

And keep in mind, 100 years old was the minimum age for this experiment. So while the “youngsters” in this study had just turned 100… the oldest was 106…

Do you know anyone over 100 years old?

Imagine you have a 100-year-old friend who disappears for six months. You wonder if he’s doing okay…

…until, one day, your 100+ year old friend runs into you. He sports brand-new muscle tone and a slimmer waist.

This may sound like science fiction from the distant future…

But… according to this science experiment on 100-year-olds… the future is already here.

The group of 100-year-old men and women got a daily dose of this special powder for six months…

And their bodies and brains were upgraded.

The scientists used something called the MMSE to measure their cognitive function, and found it increased 25%! And their mental energy increased as well.

Here’s the math behind the results: The 100-year-olds found their scores on the MMSE test went from 16.4 to 20.5. And mental fatigue went from a “7.5” to a “4.8” on the scale.

This battery of cognitive function tests measured everything from short-term memory…


Language skills…

Kinesiological skills…

…to spatial abilities.

The 100-year-olds knocked it out of the park

Not only did they improve their cognitive function and mental energy but, compared to the placebo group…

They strengthened their bodies with over 8 pounds more muscle

…and trimmed 4 pounds of fat off their bodies.

Men and women in their 40s or 50s would kill for results like that. Honestly, they’d make a bodybuilder jealous.

And they felt the difference. They reported their energy went up 44%.

Specifically, their rating on a physical fatigue scale went from 54.2 down to 30.6.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

As you learned, these are real results from a science experiment in Italy.

They were published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Volume 86, Issue 6)…

The U.S. government’s database of scientific studies, Pub Med, has recorded the details (its ID number is 18065594).

Here’s the best part:

It’s now possible for seniors in the United States to use this powder themselves

Take a moment and imagine:

How would you like to feel if you turn 100? How do you want to celebrate your birthday?

Do you want to be surrounded by your family as you blow out the candles? Maybe win an arm-wrestling match with one of your grandkids? Or great grandkids?

Start thinking about it now, because I’m going to reveal exactly what the 100-year-olds did to transform their minds and bodies.

You’ll see the exact name of this powder.

You’ll see it takes just seconds to use it, and it’s easy.

I’ll reveal exactly what this powder is in a moment. First, let me tell you a little about myself and how I found all this.

As I said before, my name is Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN.

I’ve been helping patients for over 20 years, and served at a well-known brain clinic in Chicago.

I’m a special kind of doctor, known as a naprapath. Basically, a naprapath uses hands-on manual medicine, nutritional counseling, and a wide variety of therapeutic modalities to help patients.

And, I’ve spent my career helping seniors like you reclaim their health.

I’ve seen the full spectrum of health… from athletes, to 85-year-olds just trying to keep up with their grandkids, wondering if anything can help them feel younger.

And that’s the secret I want to share today…

It’s simple.

It’s easy.

It doesn’t require any trips to the hospital.

In fact, the first part comes down to using the “Genesis cell” powder…

…and it’s the key to YOU feeling younger, thinking sharper, and feeling more energy.

Here’s how it all works…

As you probably know, your body is made of cells.

These cells are so tiny, you need a microscope to see them. But you’ve got trillions of them.

32 trillion, to be more precise.

Not only that, but your body has many different cells. You have bone cells…

Brain cells…

Eye cells…

Heart cells…

They’re all different…

…but your cells are just like the rest of your body. They’re born… they live… they get older…

…and they die.

To keep your body young, strong, healthy, and energized, your cells must constantly replace themselves

Now, your body has a way to generate brand-new cells. When you were young, your body churned out new cells like they were on an assembly line on steroids.

But as you got older, this process slowed down. It’s like the assembly line started coming to a halt and half the workers got up and quit.

I’m sure you can feel the difference, right down to your bones.

So, how exactly does your body create new cells?

Your body uses something I call Genesis cells, also known as stem cells.

Their job is simple.

Genesis cells make themselves into whatever cells your specific tissue or organ needs. They’re like the raw material at the beginning of the assembly line.

For instance, when your heart cells get older and start to die, your Genesis cells grow into brand-new, healthy, fresh heart cells.

This is very important…

When you were young, your body was filled with Genesis cells. And they helped your body work like it was shiny and brand-new.

Scientists used to assume these cells no longer existed in certain areas of the body, like the brain and heart, when we became adults.

They figured Genesis Cells die. We get old. That’s life.

But newer science is showing that Genesis cells exist in adults, too…

They’re supposed to stay in our bodies for our entire livesdividingmaking brand-new cellskeeping us healthy

Unfortunately, as we age, they don’t always work like that.

But this powder could be changing all that. More on that breakthrough in a moment…

First, take a moment and imagine this…

The calendar says you’re getting older.

But you feel the same.

Your joints stay sturdy.

Your thinking, sharp.

Your legs, lower back, arms, and hands are strong.

And your energy is steady.

Sounds amazing, right?

That’s what life is like when you keep your Genesis cells healthy and functioning…

…which wasn’t always easy to do.

You see, even though you have Genesis cells in your body… chances are you have very few.

Plus, Genesis cells are just like any other part of the body. They get older.

In fact, it’s now clear that when Genesis cells stop replacing other cells, this leads to aging.

Our fate… and the fate of our Genesis cells… are intertwined.

So… can we increase our Genesis cells?

Yes! Some scientists can grow Genesis cells in a lab dish and then inject them into various body parts. And while promising animal and in vitro studies show it does improve heart and brain health…

…this procedure can cost up to $100,000.

(Still, rumor is many famous athletes – including Tiger Woods, celebrities, and politicians get these procedures.)

But preliminary research is showing there may be a much easier, more natural way to support our Genesis cells…

…which brings us to the science experiment in Italy.

A group of scientists in Italy continued the research…

Map of Italy

…and they did something radical.

They figured out a way to test it on humans.

Now, to truly make sure something of this magnitude works… why bother giving it to young people?

Or even middle-aged people?

If it really works, why not put all your chips on the table?

That’s exactly what they did. They tested this breakthrough on a group of 100-year-olds, using a special nutrient powder.

The scientists gave the 100-year-olds about ½ a teaspoon per day for six months…

…and measured everything from cognitive function… to energy… to muscle tone.

And the results were astonishing.

The 100-year-olds improved their cognitive
function by 25%... their mental energy rose… and they felt more energized

They even added over 8 pounds more muscle to their bodies…

They simultaneously lost fat…

Just look at these results:

Cell Thrive Graph

You can see with your own eyes the power of this breakthrough.

It was life-changing for the group who got it…

…and it could change your life today.

All it takes is ½ a teaspoon of a daily nutrient.

As promised, I’ll reveal what it is.

This nutrient was discovered in 1905. However, scientists didn’t realize how important it was, and forgot about it for decades.

Fortunately, more modern researchers returned the spotlight to this nutrient.

You already heard the groundbreaking study in Italy showing it transformed 100-year-olds.

And… more recently… the puzzle was finally solved.

It happened at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, in an in vitro study.

They discovered this nutrient could enhance Genesis cells

This nutrient is called L-carnitine, or LC-Tine for short.

LC-Tine is a compound that’s similar to an amino acid.

In vitro research has shown it helps Genesis cells divide and multiply. But that’s not all…

LC-Tine may also help the tiny factories in your cells called mitochondria. You might have heard of them before. Medical authorities refer to them as the powerhouses of your cells because mitochondria produce your body’s energy.

That’s where LC-Tine comes in. In vitro research suggests it helps transport fatty acids into your mitochondria so they get transformed into energy.

In other words…

LC-Tine literally plays a role in taking the fat you eat and helps turn it into ENERGY.

One more surprising fact about LC-Tine… and then I’ll show you the best way to get some…

Trace amounts are actually found in the human body.

In fact, from the time someone is born… to the time they’re 70 years old… LC-Tine levels go up.

Surprising, right? Considering how LC-Tine enhances health, you’d think the levels would go down as someone gets older.

Well, actually they do… after someone hits 70.

From there, LC-Tine levels drop… and scientists have found this occurs as the person loses their strength.

So, consider this… and this is extremely important

What if someone kept their LC-Tine levels high as they turned 71…72…82… or 92…

Would they end up like the 100-year-olds… who experienced better cognitive function, energy, and strength?

This could be the next generation of healthcare and you deserve to know about it.

However, I wanted to do more than simply tell you about LC-Tine…

…I want you to test it for yourself.

My team at Eternalist Nutritionals was able to secure a small supply of LC-Tine.

Yes, this amazing LC-Tine is indeed available in the United States…

…and it’s now available in an advanced pill, specifically designed to support Genesis cells, based on cellular research.

This pill, which contains LC-Tine, is called Cell Thrive™.

1 Bottle of Cell Thrive

Cell Thrive is our own private formula for feeling like you’re rewinding aging.

Before we go on, I must be clear. Cell Thrive is NOT for everyone.

Even though it’s easy to use – just 4 tablets in the morning – Cell Thrive is not like any pill you’ve taken or heard about.

The pills may look the same as others you’ve taken before… but they’re in a completely different class.

A whole different category… simply because of what they could do to your body.

You don’t need to be over 100 years old to use Cell Thrive. However, I recommend you be at least 55 years old.

Next, Cell Thrive is not a cheap compound to create.

As you’ll soon see, the formula is made up of specific ingredients that cellular studies suggest may support your Genesis cells. Some of these ingredients are complex and cutting-edge.

Someday, the science that is the foundation behind Cell Thrive (and enhancing Genesis cells) may become cheap and readily available – but that is decades away.

I believe Cell Thrive is currently the best way to support your Genesis cells

After all, in vitro research shows the ingredients in Cell Thrive assist in Genesis Cell “differentiation”… which is a scientific term meaning the cells divide and multiply… which is exactly what you want.

So, if you want to take a shot at biologically “rewinding” the aging process – and perhaps help your family do the same – then keep reading.

And for reasons I’ll discuss in a moment, Cell Thrive is available only through Eternalist NutritionalsBeware of imposters claiming they possess this formula.

The good news is, you don’t need a prescription for it (some kinds of LC-Tine are often prescription-only).

But for a long time, the bad news was… this formula simply wasn’t in existence.

However, my team and I came up with a way for seniors across America to biologically “rewind” their aging.

That’s because we’ve decided to release this formula to men and women over the age of 55, who are ready to use the future of science to feel younger.

Now, before I show how a limited number of Americans can secure a supply of Cell Thrive, I have more exciting news.

LC-tine is one compound that may help support Genesis cells…

…and, in our research, we’ve learned of two more.

That’s right, LC-Tine is just one part of a triple-action Genesis cell formula.

With that said, let me quickly show you the second part…

It comes from trees growing in the Les Landes de Gascogne forest in southwest France…

…where it’s carefully extracted from the bark of those trees and concentrated.

It’s called Pycnogenol ®.

Once we uncovered the research surrounding Pycnogenol, we felt like we had just unearthed a gold mine for health. Here’s just a sample of what Pycnogenol does.

First, it helps enhance blood flow.

A study in subjects with metabolic syndrome found that it improved blood flow and blood pressure in 12 weeks.

It also helped deliver better cholesterol… better blood sugar… and healthy triglycerides in study subjects with blood sugar concerns, high blood pressure, and metabolic syndrome.

Next, it can help relieve pain in aging, overworked joints.

156 men and women suffering from osteoarthritis, were given either Pycnogenol or a placebo for 12 weeks.

As expected, the group taking the placebo didn’t feel much of any relief.

But for the group who got Pycnogenol…

Their stiff joints felt less stiff, much more loose and relaxed…

They reported that their discomfort was practically cut in half… actually, more than half… a full 56%...

As a bonus, they were able to cut down on their NSAID – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen – use as well.

But this might make you wonder…

“If I improve the health of my Genesis cells… will I look younger?

It’s a good question. Not everyone’s interested in that… but here’s what a small scientific study out of Switzerland showed…

In the groundbreaking study on skin health, scientists recruited women up to 68 years old and gave them 12 weeks of Pycnogenol.

The scientists measured how their skin improved. But they also went deeper…

They wanted to see if it could help skin stay young.

What they discovered is changing what we know about biology

First, because this compound raises levels of something called hyaluronic acid.

Guess who uses hyaluronic acid in their procedures?

Plastic surgeons.

Back to the early but promising study. Not surprisingly…

The volunteers who took Pycnogenol got tighter, smoother… more hydrated skin… and their wrinkles smoothed out

Without any trip to a spa or clinic.

Instead, their skin was transformed from the inside out. It’s like their skin got younger.

Like I said, not everyone’s interested in extra attention. Maybe you don’t necessarily want to look younger…

…but with Pycnogenol, these results could be inevitable.

Okay, we’ve covered the body. But what happens to the brain?

Scientists have already run the tests. In one study, volunteers up to 70 years old took Pycnogenol for a year. Others got a placebo.

After a year, those who got the placebo were not fortunate. Some suffered from…

Less focus…

Worse mental performance…

A tougher time making decisions…

…and a weaker memory.

Their mood also went down… which isn’t surprising. It’s no fun when you realize you’re not as sharp as you used to be

But the group who took Pycnogenol had a completely different outcome. They reported improved…

Mental performance…



Executive function…

…and, of course, their mood improved. With their brain health improving (and they were up to 70 years old!)… it’s no wonder they felt better.

Wouldn’t you?

There’s one last thing you need to know… and it’s “adults only.” My apologies in advance if you’re easily offended.

Studies have shown Pycnogenol improves blood flow – you learned how it helped volunteers with metabolic syndrome achieve healthier blood pressure.

Now imagine what happens to a certain part of your body when this blood flow trickle becomes stronger.

You don’t have to guess, because Bulgarian researchers found out. They designed a unique experiment where they gave 40 male volunteers aged 25-45 with erectile dysfunction something called l-arginine.

After a month of huge doses of l-arginine, only a measly 5% of the men experienced improvements to their erections. Nothing worth planning a romantic evening around.

Then the researchers added 80mg of Pycnogenol – actually less than what I recommend…


A whopping 80% of the men experienced an improvement in their sexual function

When they received 120 mg of Pycnogenol during the 3rd month, over 92% of them improved their sexual function and sported harder erections

Whether you’re interested in adding heat to your sex life or not, it’s fun to know you could get this side-benefit from this formula.

So, how on earth can a single nutrient create such amazing changes in the human body?

German scientists figured out the secret. Pycnogenol is chock-full of compounds that may help enhance Genesis cells.

Just think about those study participants…

Imagine how fun it was when they needed fewer lists to remember grocery store items…

Got new compliments on how young they looked…

Felt their aches and pains begin to disappear when they got out of bed…

…and then had a scientist confirm, “Yes – you got Pycnogenol. Your blood pressure has improved.”

“Your skin looks younger.”

“Your memory tested stronger.”

“Your blood flow improved. If your sex life has gotten better… that’s probably why.”

I bet it felt great. I bet their next birthday will be the best they have in years.

What do you want to celebrate for your birthday?

When we finished examining all the results Pycnogenol delivers, we knew we had to include it in our Cell Thrive formula.

It wasn’t cheap. But we swore to make Cell Thrive in a class by itself. After all, why skimp on something that could transform all 32 trillion of your cells… and transform your health?

We refused to regret the wrong choice. So, my team and I included a full, clinically-studied dose of Pycnogenol in Cell Thrive.

To be frank, I’m amazed this caliber of formula is available now.

I predicted it would be another 10-20 years before we could support our Genesis cells with this much power…

…and I’m thrilled to admit I was wrong. In just a moment, you’ll have your opportunity to try the whole thing.

First, there’s something else my team and I did…

We’ve already covered how amazing LC-Tine and Pycnogenol are.

The LC-Tine even caused 100-year-olds to improve their cognitive function 25%... increase their mental energy... and feel more energized

…in REAL, published scientific experiments.

But before we finished the Cell Thrive formula, we had to add one more ingredient to bring it together…

You see, we wanted to make extra sure this formula turned back time in your brain just as much as your body

…which is where its final ingredient, Memophenol™, comes in. Here’s the story:

In Bordeaux, France, scientists made a discovery that’s changing everything we know about brain longevity.

They found men and women who were 65 and older had better brain health when they ingested more of a certain compound

The compound is called a flavonoid.

Now, scientists have known about flavonoids for years because flavonoids give fruits and veggies their bright colors.

But researchers at the University of Paris discovered that only certain flavonoids will fight aging in the brain…

…and only certain amounts of flavonoids.

Scientists in the United States fit everything together when they tested certain flavonoid-rich ingredients in vitro.

They wanted to see which ones enhanced Genesis cells.

And their experiment worked:

Genesis cell enhancement chart

So, scientists went on a 4-year mission around the world. They searched for the best flavonoid combination to make the brain younger…

and they succeeded.

An elite team created a special flavonoid concentrate called Memophenol… and tested it on 214 volunteers who were up to 70 years old.

It was a 24-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study and the results were published by the prestigious Oxford University Press.

The scientists measured the volunteers’ cognitive function in six different ways

Now, because this study was placebo-controlled, that means half the volunteers got a mere sugar pill. Their brains kept getting older… which, unfortunately, is exactly what happens when you do nothing.

But the volunteers who got Memophenol?

They got a very different result…

Have you ever forgotten a needed grocery item the moment after your spouse mentions it?

Or, have you ever forgotten the name of your hometown after someone asked you where you grew up?

Those are examples of short-term and long-term memory… and… in the six-month study… the volunteers strengthened both when they took Memophenol.

Yes, they improved both their short-term memory and their long-term memory.

Their short-term memory improved a full 57%

Specifically, they increased their word recall, which the scientists used to measure short-term memory.

And it was not because they already had a good memory. Just the opposite…

The worse the volunteers performed at memory tests in the beginning… the more dramatically they improved as the study went on!

That’s not all…

The scientists used a special test to see if the volunteers’ cognitive age got younger.

Specifically, they looked at the volunteers who started the study with older cognitive age: The men and women who were in their 60s, but who’s cognitive age measured like an 83-year-old.

That was their “cognitive age” before they got Memophenol…

…but after? One test that measured long-term memory improved so much that the researchers concluded their cognitive age improved by 13 years, compared to the start of the study!

Yes, Memophenol improved their cognitive age by 13 years.

You already saw how flavonoid-rich components of Memophenol enhanced Genesis cells in vitro:

Genesis cell enhancement chart

Memophenol has now been patented.

Now imagine what would happen to someone if they took ALL 3 Genesis cell-enhancing compounds simultaneously


LC-Tine… shown in a science experiment to improve brain health 25%...

Increase mental energy...

…and physical energy

…in 100-year-olds.

And Memophenol… which strengthened one element of short-term memory 57% and improved cognitive age by 13 years in the study participants with the worst memories.

What would happen if someone took all three?

Remember when I asked you if you knew anyone over 100 years old?

Remember when you imagined running into a 100-year-old friend you haven’t seen for a while?

And how… maybe… they’d sport brand-new muscle tone… a slimmer waist… and practically jump up and down when they tell you how amazing they feel?

Even though these compounds are not cheap to create, my team and I managed to get our hands on ALL 3 to complete the Cell Thrive Genesis Cell Formula.

Okay, we’ve covered a lot here today, so I’ll recap:

Genesis cells could be the future of rewinding aging…

The ingredients you just learned about have been shown in in vitro research to enhance Genesis cells.

Just one of the ingredients has been shown to be effective in enhancing energy, muscle tone, and cognitive function in 100-year-olds…

…and now you’re next in line to try it.

It could help you worry less about those embarrassing “senior moments”…

Or how aching, overworked joints might interfere with the things we love doing.

You don’t have to even think about slowing down. The 100-year-olds who used LC-Tine didn’t… so why should you?

Instead, you could enjoy the best years of your life now and for decades to come.

Start feeling like your life’s beginning again. The party’s just getting started and it’s in your honor…

The science is very clear. When Genesis cells are enhanced… you can remain “young.”

Just from using LC-Tine alone, 100-year-olds achieved…

25% better cognitive function...

More muscle…

Less fat…

More mental energy...

…and more physical energy.

All the ingredients that caused these remarkable changes have been assembled into a single formula.

Now it’s decision-time.

This groundbreaking formula is completely unique… and not available anywhere else.

It took my team and me years before we were able to assemble all the pieces that may help support Genesis cells

But now, this new breakthrough is finally ready.

Are you sick of achy, overworked joints?

Do you want to feel smarter, more energized, and enjoy a better memory as time goes on?

Do you want to feel thrilled with your blood pressure?

And never need an afternoon nap?

How would you like people to think you’re younger than you really are? I wonder if the 100-year-olds fooled their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren…

Is amazing, vibrant health something you want to just wish for… or do you want to reach out and grab it?

The train’s whistle is blowing. The conductor’s yelling, “All aboard!”

Are you ready to stride through the doors or do you want to slouch and watch the train chug away from the station?

The fact is, you can’t un-learn what you learned today about Genesis cells.

Now, you’re standing before the train. The doors are still open. You have only 2 choices.

  1. You can do nothing. You can accept that your Genesis cells may be slowing down, causing fatigue, and making you feel older by the day.
  2. Or… you can step aboard the train. Get your hands on the Cell Thrive breakthrough… and use the Genesis cell process to help you feel younger.

I hope the choice for you is clear. However, if you delay, there’s no guarantee you’ll even be able to get a supply.

While it’s certainly more affordable than $100,000, Cell Thrive is not cheap.

A breakthrough of this caliber never is. It includes all 3 ingredients shown by cutting-edge science to help support the health of the body.

There’s nothing else like Cell Thrive out there

For the first time, science has come together, and these 3 compounds have joined forces to help support your Genesis cells so you could feel younger.

If you’re concerned about stepping forward with this investment in your health, I’m going to make it even easier for you:

With the help of a rebate offer available only through Eternalist Nutritionals, we’ve broken things down so your age-fighting investment is less than purchasing a daily fancy coffee. Here’s how:

A one-month supply of Cell Thrive normally retails for $399. Although this is still a bargain for the results… that’s not what you have to invest on this page’s special offer.

First, you’ll get $200 off, as an instant rebate. That’s just $199 for a full 1-month supply.

Plus, if you chose a 3 or 6 bottle option, you save up to an additional 45% off the normal retail price.

Whatever option you’ll choose, as long as you reserve your supply from this page, you’ll see the $200 rebate has already been applied.

I understand this is a bit of a stretch for some. But consider – what is restoring your young body and mind worth to you?

Think about what happened to the 100-year-olds.

You can’t find a formula of this caliber on the discount shelves. Enhancing Genesis cells is the future of rewinding aging. We’re lucky to even have access to something like this, today.

And not only that, in a moment from now I’ll explain how you can try Cell Thrive with ZERO risk. More details on that shortly…

With Cell Thriveyour body can feel younger from the inside out.

Imagine a retirement where you enjoy year after year of excitement and adventure…

Where you’ve got the energy and vibrant health to live as you please.

This can be your future, as long as you have the Genesis cell formula your body’s cells are begging for.

With that said, here’s the complete breakdown of what you’ll receive in this groundbreaking solution:

You get 2,000 mg of the LC-Tine compound (L-Carnitine L-Tartrate) to supply your body cells with life-giving energy

150 mg of Pycnogenol – which is patented and helps deliver a better memory, more focus, smoother skin, and a healthier heart.

…and 600 mg of Memophenol to enhance your memory.

I worked with my team at Eternalist Nutritionals to carefully combine this complete 3-phase formula into a single, convenient formula.

Now, with Cell Thrive’s unrivaled Genesis cell formula

You could enjoy a younger, stronger mind and body

But there is one thing…

The only way to get our exclusive formula is right here, right now, through Eternalist Nutritionals.

Please understand, this biological age-fighting combination doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Today, however, you can get it delivered straight to your door.

As you’ve learned, Genesis cells could be the next leap forward in anti-aging breakthroughs. They control every aspect of your health today… and the future, by rewinding your age.

And the ingredients in Cell Thrive may help support and enhance your Genesis cells.

Plus, real people using these ingredients in scientific experiments have achieved…

Healthier blood pressure

Better cholesterol

Better blood sugar

Healthy triglycerides

Younger-looking skin

Better-feeling joints

A strong memory (even strengthening one element of short-term memory 57% and improving cognitive age by 13 years in the study participants with the worst memories)…

Stronger erections when combined with arginine…

100-year-olds achieved…

25% better cognitive function...

More muscle…

Less fat…

More mental energy...

…and more physical energy.

That’s how the nutrients in our breakthrough 3-phase Cell Thrive formula work.

And it could work for you.

Yes, even if you’ve tried other things in the past but you never felt a difference. This is completely different and new.

Cell Thrive is created in a certified facility right here in the United States. And it’s also non-GMO.

Cell Thrive is absolutely top-notch, with the perfect levels of these rare Genesis cell compounds to ensure you fight your biological age

In addition, taking Cell Thrive is easy – just 4 tablets you can take throughout the first half of your day.

When the formula enters your system, you’ll flood your cells with EXACTLY what they need to rewind your aging. It will happen just as you’ve learned about in this presentation.

It’s the exact formula your body is begging for… so you can stop feeling tired, aching, or old… and enjoy your young life again.

Now that you’ve been presented with your choice, it’s time for you to make the right decision

You can stay stuck where you’re at now.

Unless you use Genesis cells to rewind the aging in your mind and body, you’re just going to feel more of the same. Your memory won’t improve. And neither will your blood pressure, skin, fatigue, and muscle tone.

Consider the path your parents took. They didn’t have the opportunity you have now.

Instead of staying stuck, make the decision to step forward and use Cell Thrive.

For a small investment, you could get to feel young again

…like you’ve returned to your primewith energy, strength, and a younger look.

How would it feel to fly through your day with the confidence you enjoyed back then?

With Cell Thrive, you won’t have to worry about slowing down and missing out…

You won’t have to “take things easy” or stop doing the fun things you love…

…and you won’t have to feel old, achy, and tired!

Once you start using the technology in Cell Thrive

You’ll flood your body with the same nutrient the 100-year-olds received that transformed their bodies and their minds…

The same compound that produced better blood pressure… younger-looking skin… healthier joints… and too much more to list here…

…and the same compound that improved cognitive age.

And very soon, you’ll need to have “The Talk” with your doctor…

You’re going to be surprised by what it is.

You see, I need to prepare you for what’s going to happen when you stride into the doctor’s office for your next routine check-up.

Here’s an example:

You’ll admit your overworked knees feel like brand-new because your joint discomfort is VANISHING…

You might ask your doctor about something he mentioned the year before, just to see if he notices your sharper memory

Then come the test results. After you doctor gets your blood pressure, he might glance your way and ask, “Have you been working out? Honestly, I haven’t seen numbers this great from you in a long time. And you look so much better… what have you been doing?”

That’s when you’ll need to have “The Talk” and explain how your body and mind are changing…

…because your doctor might not believe a brand-new Genesis cell advancement is causing your transformation.

“Well, whatever it is,” he might say, “Keep it up! Maybe I’ll have to check it out, too…”

As you easily bend down to tie your shoes, you admit you can hardly believe it either. But the energy you feel is undeniable – this is your new reality with enhanced Genesis Cells. All thanks to Cell Thrive.

You’re enjoying your life again, like you’ve always been meaning to. Without thinking about your health.

You have the energy for projects around the house and working in your garden…

Don’t be surprised if, on a video call, your family asks why you’re looking so much younger.

You might need to have “The Talk” with them too!

And as happy as they’ll be for you… some people might not be. Especially when it becomes obvious that your skin is looking younger… your joints feel better… and even your brainpower is going up.

Some people won’t be able to keep up with you… they won’t understand why… but they will get jealous.

I doubt many people expected the 100-year-olds to burst with more energy, muscle, and brainpower…

So if any friction develops between you and someone outside your inner circle, please cut them a little slack. After all, they don’t have Cell Thrive.

You don’t have to take my word for any of this. You don’t even need to trust the science.

I’m so confident this formula is going to rewind your biological age, I want you to test Cell Thrive with ZERO risk.

Satisfaction guaranteed

That’s right… you have an unlimited guarantee when you try Cell Thrive today.

Here’s how it works…

Reserve your supply of Cell Thrive today.

Then, when it arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the instructions and start taking Cell Thrive daily.

Then… enjoy your life.

Just take Cell Thrive every day and let your Genesis cells get to work

The first thing you might notice is how your energy – both mental and physical – goes up. Way up.

As the weeks go by, you could start getting up every morning feeling fresh and limber… because those overworked joints could be a thing of the past…

Your focus could sharpen, like a supercomputer, and you could remember everything you need and more.

Plus, every time you glance at a mirror, you could get a fun reminder of how much younger you look.

If for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied, simply give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you back every pennyno questions asked.

Let me repeat that… for any reason at all, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

And your guarantee NEVER expires.

You can request a refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now… a year… there is no limit or expiration.

This way, there’s zero pressure… and zero risk… when you try Cell Thrive today.

In a few moments, you’ll have the opportunity to reserve your supply.

When the button appears below, click on it and fill out your shipping information on the next page.

If you do so today, you’ll notice your $200 rebate already applied.

Once you complete your reservation, we’ll pack your shipment of Cell Thrive and rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a plain package from USPS.

Carefully packed inside will be your supply of Cell Thrive.

I recommend you immediately bring your Cell Thrive supply into your kitchen, open it up…

…and take your first capsules with water or the beverage of your choice.

Don’t make any other changes to your life…

…because you won’t have to.

The benefits will happen on their own

Real people using these ingredients in scientific experiments have achieved…

Healthier blood pressure

Better cholesterol

Better blood sugar

Healthy triglycerides

Younger-looking skin

Better-feeling joints

A strong memory (even strengthening short-term memory 57% and improving cognitive age by 13 years in study participants with the worst memories)…

Stronger erections when combined with arginine…

100-year-olds achieved…

25% better cognitive function...

More muscle…

Less fat…

More mental energy...

…and more physical energy.

Go ahead and click the button below now.

It will take you to our secure reservation page, where you can select your supply of Cell Thrive.

Do click the button now. I’ll see you on the other side

For Cell Thrive and Eternalist Nutritionals, I’m Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, DN.

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